Disgustingly Long Post Involving Sugar Skull Makeup, Hair Dye and Tattoos.

I smell like smoke. I’ve never smoked anything in my life.

And I can’t even explain what I’m doing and why I smell like smoke because it has to do with the Christmas presents I’m making. [Clarification: Some people who are GETTING said presents know about this blog. So it’d be kind of a fail to mention it, don’t you think? I’d definitely not be able to call myself  a ninja if I did that.]

So, you get to stay in the dark as well for…probably a couple weeks. Though I promise, it’s nothing new or exciting.
In other news, I had to shampoo my hair about a million times last night to remove pink and blue temporary, spray-on hair dye.  Which I bought for the sole purpose of taking pictures, mind you. The things I do for art.

Back story on said pink hair idea?
I came across this while browsing deviantART not long ago.

Fantastic, ain’t it? I can’t tell if the hair or the makeup’s my favorite part, but it all fits so well together it’s insane.

Either way, after seeing that, and a couple other similar pictures, I felt I had to do a sugar skull makeup look for myself. And even though my hair’s dark and I wasn’t about to bleach it just for this, so the colors I used aren’t nearly this great, I thought a bit of color would add to it.

Therefore, I give you….my sugar skull makeup collage:

Yup. One friend said scary/intense, another said I looked like a dog. Woof.

In any case! For rushing around to get it done [I didn’t feel like skipping to the shower with pink hair when my parents got home] I’m kind of happy with what I came up with.
You can see a few more pictures on my Facebook page, Megarello Photography.

All I used for makeup was black eyeliner, a touch of black eyeshadow, purple lipstick and – for the eyes – a ton of blue, pink and purple craft glitter. [There is no end to my obsession with it, I swear.]

So that was my fun for yesterday.

After all the scouring Google for cool hair looks, I’m in the ‘I really want to dye my hair something crazy’ mood again. [I dyed it purple like….four years ago or so. Of course, since my hair’s dark and I didn’t lighten it, it came out a more reddish-maroon than plum/violet, but I still liked it.]

Being 18 and currently without a job – and without hope of getting one toooo soon – there’s not much stopping me from that. Besides the fact I don’t think I could go near my boyfriend’s family with some odd-colored hair.
Unfortunately, that fact is enough of one to stop me from doing it. Ah well.

I was considering maybe just doing the underside of my hair; it would be less in your face, easier to hide, and less of a hassle to bleach/color/keep up. Not to mention less awful when I decided to let it go than if I did my whole head, or something up top/in the front. Plus, I really do like the effect it has. And if I waited until like….January, chances are I at least wouldn’t have to horrify the majority of his family, rather than doing it now with the holidays coming up. Whooo foresight!

Might bother. Might not. See what happens.

On a different yet semi-related note, still toying with tattoo ideas. [Easy to go back and forth when I’ve no real hope of getting anything soon. Considering the lack of funds and lack of wanting my parents to murder me while I live with them and all.]

I’d shy away from the cherry-branch-up-the-side-and-back idea since it’s fairly popular. BUT IT’S JUST SO PRETTY. Gah. Gotta think of an alternative. I adore the branch-with-flowers thing and I want something on my side. Generic it may be, but I can’t think of anything I like more than that. So, if I can tweak it, we’ll see.

Apart from that….or, coupled with that, I’m thinking about AURYN from The Neverending Story. Maybe the branch from my left hip, up my side and curling slightly onto my back to the back of my left shoulder, and then the AURYN  on the right side of my back. [More towards the top than the bottom.] And possibly the words ‘do what you wish’ under/around it. [The words on the back of AURYN in the book]
I feel like noting I haven’t READ The Neverending Story, but I’ve always adored the movie. So instead of doing the tattoo like in the book – two snakes biting each other’s tails, forming an oval – I’d have to do it like the movie, where the snakes form an infinity knot.
But there are plenty of people with that, as well. So.

STILL, I feel like if it means something to me – like the AURYN tattoo would – screw it if it’s popular. Can’t skip everything because someone else did it. And the branch is just something I can see me really liking and not getting sick of.

Also considering a red knotwork on my lower back, but I dunno how that’d fit with the rest of the plan, so I may have to nix that one. [I consider it only because the protagonist in my favorite book – Imogene in The Blue Girl by Charles de Lint –  has a red knotwork on her lower back – among other tattoos – and while I’ve been told I’m somewhat like her, I just adore the character, so I think it’d be fitting for me, and a nice tribute to something I’ve adored for years.]

If I wasn’t going to have such a hard time with jobs as is – and if my boyfriend was more fond of tattoos – I might consider a half sleeve. I might not. But considering the above, that’s out. I may or may not do something on inside wrist(s). We shall see. As it stands, I figure side/back is somewhere with enough options I can make it work. And while I wouldn’t get anything if I’d be afraid I’d get sick of it to begin with, I figure there’s even less a chance in places like that since you’re not looking at it every second.

And I feel like I have to address the age-old ‘but what about when you’re 60? You’ll look silly with tattoos when you’re that old.’
Assuming I’m lucky enough to GET old, I have to quote comedian Hal Sparks here: “ALL skin looks like shit when you’re old.” Which, really, is the truth. Yes, they fade; yes, you wrinkle and they get obscured. But really….what does it matter? I know older people with tattoos and it’s not THAT bad. I wouldn’t be considering it if I was that preoccupied with how a chunk of my skin might look 40 years from now. By the time I’m 60, I’d imagine I’ll have either more important things to worry about, or I’ll be one of the awesome old people who don’t give a damn about such little things. End of.

Also thinking about an octopus. Because they’re awesome and I adore them.

Now here’s hoping I stumble into a random, unexpected-yet-awesome career path that allows me to have tattoos so I have a couple more placement options. Ah.

I’ll just stop rambling now.


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I'm pretty much your average 19 year old girl. I'm kind of rabidly into anything artsy [well. I adore most anything in the realm of 'art'. Doesn't mean I'm good at it all.] including fashion. After becoming sort of obsessed with Polyvore.com, I decided to create this. It'll probably mostly just be a giant, chaotic mess of all my little projects, loves, wants, obsessions and some random things I find along the way. Enjoy - or don't; Really, it's up to you.
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