Another Edition Of ‘We Went Shopping And I’m Doing Fantastic At Not Spending Money’

FIRST OFF, let me just say Merry Christmas and all that jazz. Spent Christmas Eve with my boyfriend’s family; was super nice. Had fun, and got some brilliant things from them. Good day.

Christmas dinner at my grandparents. Also very nice. Basically just got some cash from my family, so that was good.

And I otherwise have no comments on Christmas. It wasn’t amazing, but it certainly wasn’t bad. All that can really be expected for this age, so I’m content.

Went shopping with my sister today. Managed to only buy a couple bottles of fabric paint [and then couldn’t find plain white t-shirts or pillows anywhere. To Walmart!], a video game [well. A $10 PC game I’ve loved for years. FATE! No…really. I didn’t get lucky; that’s just the title. Ah…here! Fate on Wikipedia], and we both got a bit of sour candies, just because the containers they came in were the mushrooms from Mario. And they’re awesome.


Might go to the movies next weekend, since we got gift cards and Sherlock Holmes 2 is out. Aaand probably next month, when Underworld 4 comes out. Ahhhh Kate Beckinsale.

And…Well. Yeah. That’s about it.
On to New Year!


About TheChaoticCloset

I'm pretty much your average 19 year old girl. I'm kind of rabidly into anything artsy [well. I adore most anything in the realm of 'art'. Doesn't mean I'm good at it all.] including fashion. After becoming sort of obsessed with, I decided to create this. It'll probably mostly just be a giant, chaotic mess of all my little projects, loves, wants, obsessions and some random things I find along the way. Enjoy - or don't; Really, it's up to you.
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