This Post Is Like That One Episode In TV Shows When They Recap Everything That’s Ever Happened. Sorta.

So…..New Years Eve.


Seriously, wasn’t it just like….June? It’s borderline retarded how fast things happen the older you get.

Still, it was a good year, at least for the most part.


Bullet points!

  • 4 concerts. [All Time Low/Yellowcard in April, Cage the Elephant and Manchester Orchestra in May, Yellowcard in June and Alkaline Trio in August] Which was good, because they tend to make me happy and it made up for going to none in 2010. Plus, I got to see both of my favorite bands. [Alkaline Trio and Yellowcard] One of them I saw twice.  [YC]
  • Relatively stress-free year. I kind of quit letting most nonsense things bug me and it’s made everything else that much better.
  • Got a dog. An awesome dog.
  • Because of said dog, I actually managed some sort of exercise, since I’ve been walking him just about every day since we got him in February.
  • Got some form of income. And experience with Tiny Ones. [In other words: Yay babysitting. Also kind of thanks to said dog. You meet people when you’re out every day.]
  • Turned 18. Not that this is really anything entirely too special, but…it IS convenient [and simultaneously inconvenient] and it’s one of those silly little milestones.
  • Got over my completely irrational little fear of the ocean by being in/around it for 10 days. Also found out I could happily stay in the Florida Keys for eternity.
  • Made some awesome new friends, got rid of some less than awesome ones and simply got closer to ones I already had.

Other random little yay-inducing things: Cooking new stuff; different crafts; jet skiing; spending a week and a half with my boyfriend’s family and magically getting along with everyone; spending a weekend with him, which was the first time we’d been alone together more than a few hours; bought stilettos…YEAH; got turned into a giant One Direction fangirl and was acquainted with Tumblr; finally redecorated my bedroom; bothered keeping up with a blog…

And, I mean, it wasn’t perfect. There were sucky points too.

  • Had to put my cat down. Which wasn’t as big a deal as putting any of our dogs down will be, but she was still part of the family. First real pet for me and my sisters, and we had her for like 12 years, so that sucked.
  • Stupid family fights.
  • Being really, really confused as to what the hell to do with my life
  • Lacking will power to do things like study the way I should
  • Altogether just not being 5, really.

For the most part, though, all the ‘bad’ things that happened this year were things that either couldn’t be helped or I expected. Otherwise, it’s just that I’m 18 and things are a touch confusing at the moment. Still, it could be worse. Could always be worse.

All things considered, this pretty much counts as the best year of my life thus far, I think. Apart from my kitty – which was unavoidable, really – there weren’t any major deaths for me personally. No giant falling-outs with anyone I’d really hate to lose. No major sicknesses to deal with and no extended periods of unhappiness for any reason. So the lack of bad things coupled with the pile of good things….can’t really complain.

Even so, I’m not really sad to see 2011 go. I can’t, obviously, know what’ll happen next year, but whether it’s better, worse or the same as this year….this was a good one. All good things must end, and it might as well end before anything bad happens to fuck it up.

Here’s hoping next year’s just as good.

I’m not really one for making serious resolutions, but there ARE things I want to do, or just do better. So, rather than being a new year resolution, they’re more of a life to-do list.
I COULD write ‘get in better shape; eat better; be nicer; do new things; blah blah blah’ but those are generally things in the back of my mind anyway, not things I really, really want to do or change.

So, my checklist of necessities for 2012:

  • Get the damned GED out of the way.
  • And a license. Finally.
  • Perhaps an actual steady job.
  • Don’t die in the apocalypse.

Fair? I think so.

Actually, until just now I’d forgotten we’re all supposed to die next year.

At least we have that to look forward to!


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I'm pretty much your average 19 year old girl. I'm kind of rabidly into anything artsy [well. I adore most anything in the realm of 'art'. Doesn't mean I'm good at it all.] including fashion. After becoming sort of obsessed with, I decided to create this. It'll probably mostly just be a giant, chaotic mess of all my little projects, loves, wants, obsessions and some random things I find along the way. Enjoy - or don't; Really, it's up to you.
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