I Have Lost My Weapon-Using Virginity


I say this because I’ve finally gotten around to learning about/firing guns. Go me.

I find it entertaining that this is entirely thanks to my boyfriend and his parents, since they’re the ones who took me and taught me. So, in turn, go them.

[I also find it entertaining that virtually all of my ‘new’ experiences come with them. Like jet skiing and being in the ocean more than a few feet from shore. But alas.]

In any case, I feel informed, and managed to not completely suck. So, that was fun. [And, for the gun-knowledgeable or simply-interested out there, I can’t explain exactly the guns I used, since I don’t know specific makes and models and names and all yet. But there was a 22 caliber rifle, a 9mm pistol, a handgun….think something else, but I’m not sure. Doesn’t matter, the 9mm was my favorite anyway. Bam. Useless with the handgun; my hands are small and that was the last one I used, so they were already tired and I had trouble getting the trigger all the way back. Ahh.]

Either way, by the time we were done I managed to take a decent chunk out of the middle of my paper target, so for a first time it was fairly successful. Whoo!

Aaaaaaaand the rest of the day we mostly just hung out at their house. Until like 5 when I had to leaveto babysit. And that only lasted 2 hours, so…lame, but oh well.

Sister’s birthday tomorrow. No idea if we have plans or not, but there will probably be cake, and thus I can’t complain. /fatbrain

And now I’m tired and rambling.


About TheChaoticCloset

I'm pretty much your average 19 year old girl. I'm kind of rabidly into anything artsy [well. I adore most anything in the realm of 'art'. Doesn't mean I'm good at it all.] including fashion. After becoming sort of obsessed with Polyvore.com, I decided to create this. It'll probably mostly just be a giant, chaotic mess of all my little projects, loves, wants, obsessions and some random things I find along the way. Enjoy - or don't; Really, it's up to you.
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