This is One of Those Posts in Which I Demonstrate How Opinionated I Am. There Will Be More.

One Town’s War on Gay Teens, by Sabrina Rubin Erdely- Rolling Stone
This, Because the Whole Thing is Stupid

It’s like people don’t understand that being pro gay-rights doesn’t necessarily mean you think everyone SHOULD be gay [or whatever else that isn’t considered ‘straight’]; unlike how being ANTI gay-rights pretty much DOES mean you think everyone shouldn’t be.

Honestly. The only person who’s orientation you need to think about is your own. [And possibly the person you are married to/want to marry, also.] ANYONE else’s should not be an issue for you. Anyone else being gay, bisexual, transexual, any-kind-of-sexual does nothing to you. It does not hurt you. It does not turn you ‘that way’. It does not turn anyone ‘that way’. You, however, ridiculing them, telling them they’re abominations because a book that was written way too many years ago tells you it is, is bullshit.

People being gay may not hurt you, but your intolerant ignorance does, in fact, hurt them.

Like a comment on the article says, “It’s not fair that some people can run around and be whomever they want to be, but some people aren’t given that freedom.”

It’s not like we ask you to stop having an opinion and expressing it: You’re entitled to think it’s wrong as much as you like. But there’s a difference between opinion and irrational hate. Times change – get out of your pool of ignorance and deal with it.

Also, I feel this is relevant.


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