Shopping, Shoes, and a Breakthrough in Contraceptive

….Totally normal trio of subjects, right?


Went shopping this morning/afternoon. Got mainly craft things [shrinkydink paper, origami paper, some beads….blahblah, the usual.], but I picked up a pair of Nine West slingback heels from Ross. And despite scouring the internet, I can’t for the life of me find them to show you. It’s like they don’t exist. I have no idea.
In any case, they’re virtually just like this, except there’s no buckle on the strap, and the only wood part on mine is the heel. The rest is all the coral color.

So yeah. Here’s hoping I like them.
“Oh you mean you didn’t even bother trying them on and seeing if you’d like them before buying them?”
Well. I tried. But stores have this thing for tying their shoes together so you can’t.
So we’ll see.

But I digress.

Also got the hair dye I was looking at in Target the other night when I was there with the boyfriend.
This one:

Did the color swatch test; definitely very red. But I think I like it. Can’t know for sure, but still.
Also did the allergy test. But, of course, that’s the whole ‘wait 48 hours to see if you get a rash or explode or anything’, so we’re not quite done with that yet.

And there’s a very good chance I’ll just return it and not dye it at all, but hey.
[Really don’t feel like dealing with the incessant whining that is bound to take place, since I haven’t even done it yet and it’s already started. TRALALAAA]

And now that I’ve got all my nonsense news out of the way, I give you….




Link. I give you a link.


Check out the link. It’s definitely a quick, simple-yet-informative, worthy read. [And it links to other articles, so….yeah.]

The basic story, for those of you who are too lazy to even click a single link and scroll a little bit [which is saying something, since if you’re reading this, you’ve already done both of those at least once each]: [And if you’re even lazier than that, TL;DR version after.]

With a simple, 15 minute procedure that involves two small punctures in the man’s scrotum, an injection of a polymer gel [a mixture of common chemicals styrene maleic anhydride and dimethyl sulfoxide], and a band-aid, you can be good-to-go on contraception for 10 years or more.

And it’s cheap; the chemicals cost less than the syringe.

And it’s virtually problem-free; There was a report in 2002 about possible kidney toxicity, but, [from Digital Journal] “In 2005 an FDA-registered laboratory tested RISUG and found no evidence the gel would harm men who get the injection, according to the announcement.”

AND it’s reversible; An injection of water and baking soda and in 2-3 months you’re back in action. [That’s one thing I read. Another article said reversal had only been tested in primates, but the article appears a year or two out of date. Still, the primate tests were all positive, so either way.]

[TL;DR: Inject stuff in tube. Preggo-free for ten years. Seemingly no side effects. Reversible. ]

I know; you think you’re dreaming. Trust me, so do I.

If you’re into the specifics of how it works, check out the link I posted above at Techcitement. [They have a simple little picture to explain it and everything.]

All-in-all, considering the irritation and stress caused by virtually every other kind of contraception [really, if it’s not screwing with your hormones or crazy expensive, it’s inconvenient or unavailable], this is a painfully awesome alternative….should it become available here.

Oh yeah. There had to be a downside, right? Of course.

Currently it’s only available in India. Although, testing is being done in the US, and if everything stays on track, it could be available by 2015.

So, if you’re a female sick of condoms or the pill, or you’re a guy sick of condoms or your girlfriend when she’s on the pill…..spread the word, people. Support is necessary for things like this, since pharmaceutical companies frown upon it due to how cheap and simple it is; no money to be made. Help it along, eh?

I’d link you to the petition to sign, but I’ve already done it and it won’t let me go back, SO….yet again, I provide you with the link to the article on Techcitement, just in case you can’t be bothered to scroll up. There’s links towards the end of the article, and you can find one to the petition there. Do it, it’s quick, and it just might be worth it.



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