*Excuses, excuses, excuses…* Updates, a Partial Plan and My Dog Thinks He’s Smaller Than He is.

So I’m a bad blogger. Giant surprise. Another week and a half, and the only excuse I have is ‘I was waiting until…uh…well….something?’

I’d beg your forgiveness, but chances are you didn’t notice anyway. So we’re good? Sweeeet.

In any case, I feel busy.

[I also feel like I say that a lot, despite the fact I’m probably never quite as busy as I feel.]

Taking the GED test on Saturday [28th], so that’s pretty much occupying my mind. Otherwise, I’m going all spastic project-mode. Boyfriend’s birthday next month, so I’m planning a couple gifty things for that, and then just doing my standard useless artsy things for my room. Because I can.

I’m also thinking about starting another Etsy store…..


I have no good answer for that.

Mainly because even though I’ll [hopefully] have my GED relatively soon, that still doesn’t solve my problem of  lacking a license and a car. Which really puts a damper on the whole ‘job’ thing. On top of that….well hell, if I can find some way to make making-and-selling work, why wouldn’t I?

I mean, I’m totally not against a ‘real job’ – I’m a firm believer that happiness is a choice and it doesn’t solely boil down to your job – but since I’m just sitting at home in the meantime, what does it hurt to try, right?

All that noted….No I have no idea what I’d plan on selling. Zippo. Zilch. Nada. Zero.

Which doesn’t help the plan.

But still!

Set up a new Etsy account and whatnot, to save a name for a shop should I decide to open one. [Since I figure ‘Megarello’ just sounds a little girly, and if I’m going to attempt appealing to more than females….probably should fix that.]

Apart from that, I may just go a little nuts on the crafting next week, and see what happens.

Actually, I’m having a bit of a hellish time not going nuts on the crafting right NOW, but I’m trying to save all my projects till after the test is out of the way. Really need to focus on that, and I’m trying not to distract myself. [Which is, as you might have guessed, not easy for me. Tralalaa…]

There’s a very good chance I’ll never bother with Etsy again, but if I do, I’ll keep you posted. In any case, if anyone has any suggestions or anything regarding it…feel free to post ’em in the comments or email me at meg.chaoticcloset@gmail.com. Would be appreciated!

I also feel like noting I get way too excited when making new profiles and whatnot. I’ve already put together an icon and a banner for the new shop, despite the fact it’s not open, I have nothing to put in it, and I’m not even technically sure I’m going to do anything with it.
Overzealous? A little.

Totally unrelated, here’s a picture of one of my dogs acting like he fits in one of our patio chairs. He doesn’t. [But he always sits in them anyway.]

[Please excuse the horrifying camera-phone quality. Mrar.]


About TheChaoticCloset

I'm pretty much your average 19 year old girl. I'm kind of rabidly into anything artsy [well. I adore most anything in the realm of 'art'. Doesn't mean I'm good at it all.] including fashion. After becoming sort of obsessed with Polyvore.com, I decided to create this. It'll probably mostly just be a giant, chaotic mess of all my little projects, loves, wants, obsessions and some random things I find along the way. Enjoy - or don't; Really, it's up to you.
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