The Vans Warped Tour, Chatroulette, Friends and a Copious Amount of Glow Sticks is What My Week Was Made of

I’ve had a busy week.

Actually, I’ve had a busy few weeks. Holy July, Batman. Crazy.

Still need to see Batman. Mental note. Saw Spiderman on Wednesday – oh my god Andrew Garfield is not real. And Emma Stone. I can’t even pick which one of them I like more. Unfair. So wrong, but so right.

In any case.

Jordan left yesterday. Warped was Friday. Mall Thursday. Movies Wednesday. One night of Tinychat, two nights of Chatroulette/stickam, couple new friends,  way too many glow sticks. [Bright idea of taping them to my fan – which was awesome for a couple hours….then they started flying off. We got bonked in the head more than once.] Good times.

I think we happily could have spent another week doing things, but alas, Blondie had to work today. Boooo real life getting in the way of our fun. Still, made the most of it. Plus I got jeans and shoes and whatnot at the mall, which I needed, so life is good. [Also got a couple necklaces, earrings, an orange cropped jacket….which I didn’t need, but still.] And went to my first Warped Tour, so that was interesting. [‘Interesting’ is really the only word to describe that experience. Not bad, just interesting.]

Really, when you see guys dressed up as Batman and Robin – not with each other, mind you – guys in booty shorts with numbers written on the backs, a girl who can only be described as a more hardcore version of Fiona from Shrek going bananas in a rather pathetic mosh pit, some guy passed out in the grass with medics around, and way too many tutus, potheads, and Blood on the Dance Floor tshirts….’interesting’ is about the only word that fits.

Good times, really. Crowded, sweaty, 90-something-degree-heat good time, but nevertheless. Managed to not die or anything. Though I came within an inch of passing the hell out pretty early on. We left my house early so we could get breakfast, but seeing as there was nothing around…we didn’t. Then decided lemonade was a good idea. One of those ‘we immediately regret this decision’ moments. Sugar + sun = bad idea. So sugar, no food, no water, and a rather vicious sun kind of tipped me over. Planned on shade/food/hydration after Falling In Reverse’s set, but halfway through their last song I about lost it. Decided to go find water. Was walking halfway between my sister and my friend, and as I gradually lost vision and motor skills, I know I smashed into at least one or two people until I got off to the side near a booth to sit. They told me later that I sat on or very near some girl’s feet, and she looked at me kind of… ‘whatthefuck’ and backed away. I, of course, was completely oblivious to this fact. I neither felt nor saw said girl. Thisclose to blacking out, it seems. But Jordan went and got me water, then we sat in the shade for a while, got food, more water, and I was fine the rest of the day. You’d think I’d know better.

Music was good though. For the most part, anyway. I do not understand people and their taste in music. We saw Pierce the Veil, and despite the fact I’ve never listened to them, they weren’t bad. I have no idea why everyone there was so batshit obsessed, but…still, not bad.

And then there was Of Mice and Men. What the fuck. How are they so popular. No. Just no.

The one thing with us was that most of the few bands we wanted to see…we’d already all seen before, at least once. For instance, we’d all seen Yellowcard and All Time Low. I’d seen them twice each. Saw Falling In Reverse in January. Jordan had seen Pierce the Veil and a bunch of others. But, most of the bands we HADN’T seen, we didn’t care about because we knew them and they were awful, or we just didn’t care. That said, I got to see Senses Fail, which made me happy and depressed at the same time. [Internet buddy of a few years who died a couple years ago, they were his favorite band in the world, so iffy memories there. ALL THE FEELS.] Overall was good, though. Little bummed that I wasn’t closer for Yellowcard’s set, but they didn’t seem as into it as they normally do. Most of the people there were around for shit like Of Mice and Men and Breathe Carolina, which made me sad, but what can you do. Plus YC went on at like 7:30, so we were already dead by the time they came on. All Time Low won the day, I think. So great.

Main bummer of the day was missing Yellowcard’s acoustic set. Not because we weren’t there, but because they didn’t do it. We watched part of someone else’s set, then Maika from There For Tomorrow played an acoustic set, and Yellowcard was supposed to have one after him. We were in the back of the tent at first, but right after Maika we managed to scoot RIGHT to the front of the stage. Dying of excitement, holy-shit-we’re-going-to-be-like-three-feet-away-from-Ryan-Key-yesssss. “Those of you who are here for Yellowcard, sorry, but they aren’t going to be performing.”



The fuck.

Instant soul crushing moment.

That would have made the day. 100%. But nooo. Major disappointment, but was still good overall. Even despite that and my near-blackout. Ya know. Party hard.

Bands we actually wound up seeing, excluding a few I don’t know the names of, or ones we passed/sat near but weren’t actually paying attention to:

Man Overboard [significantly better live, believe it or not]
Four Year Strong
Tonight Alive
Falling In Reverse
Senses Fail
Sleeping With Sirens
Maika from There For Tomorrow
Taking Back Sunday
Pierce the Veil
All Time Low
We the Kings
Streetlight Manifesto
Breathe Carolina

Only saw a few songs from a number of them, but still. Also, Streetlight Manifesto is awesome. I remembered listening to a song or two of theirs years ago, but haven’t much since. Kickass live, and they provided me with the perfect opportunity to use the spray bottle/fan I got the night before at Walgreens. I was shooting blasts of water into the air/at people to the tune of the first song they played. This girl a couple feet away was about losing her marbles from laughter. Most people who got sprayed as they were walking by had a bit of a ‘wtf’ deer-in-the-headlights look before they turned, realized what happened, and then were all entertained. I have too much fun.

When we were in the line to get in, this little band was playing in the middle of the crowd. I was rocking out [because they were awesome], but didn’t have time to grab a CD. Found their booth later and bought one, and the guy in the band that was there was so nice about it I was happy I got it if only for that. I love people sometimes. And because I genuinely really liked them, do go check them out on their website, Skinny Lister. Links to everything else is there.

Didn’t really get any pictures apart from mostly crappy iPhone ones from way too far away that I had to crop to make worth it. But alas:

All Time Low


Falling in Reverse

Senses Fail

Maika Maile of There For Tomorrow


And here’s a picture of me and Jordan because I have it.

Yeah we had fun. And then came home and hightailed it into the pool at 10 p.m because we were still hot and gross. Whooo Warped!

And now I’m just waiting for the laundry on the patio to dry because our dryer is still broken and I’m off to the boyfriend’s for a couple days or something along those lines. Exact plans are overrated.



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