I Had a Really Long, Kinda Random Week.

Oh, it has been one of those weeks.

Worked at a cigar convention last weekend. That was kind of the base for the rest of the week. I shall break it down:

Thursday [the 2nd] –
Nice enough. Out to dinner with the boyfriend, hung out, fine.

Friday –
Up at about 6:30 a.m. Out to breakfast with the boyfriend. Also nice. Little sleepy, but it’s okay.
Get picked up ten minutes late for work. [I worked Friday-Sunday with a lady I babysit for. She’s the reason I had the job in the first place, and we rode together those three days. So.] All good. Multiple pairs of shoes packed since I don’t know how my feet are going to be and I’m told I can’t wear sneakers. Start off with a pair of very short wedged flip flop-style sandals, coupled with liquid bandaids where I knew the shoes would rub.
Fast forward a couple hours.
>Holy shit my poor feet what the hell is this oh god why<
Take 15 minute break to run to bathroom and switch shoes. Moment of ‘is that the liquid bandaid coming off or is that my skin peeling’ confusion, and then realization. ‘Oh, yeah, that’s my skin.’ Apply bandaids, change shoes to boots I got the week before. Back to work.
Couple hours of that, then feet hurt too bad and it’s time to switch again.
Take another break to change into Mudd shoes. [Standard Mudd, ya know. Gigantic thick heel, lace-up, to the ankle, like a sneaker/boot mix.] Back to work.
Change out of them quickly due to rubbing at the back of my right ankle. Go back to bathroom to change and realize the rubbing was worse than it seemed and there’s a patch of raw skin on the back of my ankle. Okay.
Not too much longer: Change back into original flip-flip wedges. Not so bad with the bandaids. After the show floor is closed I just go barefoot to clean up. [Not, of course, that I was doing anything different the whole time. Our basic job was cleaning tables/ash trays. The floor was open 10-5 all three weekend days, and we usually got out around 6 after cleaning up once everyone had filtered out and stacking chairs and all.]
Come home kind of dead. Leave bandaids on in shower. One had nearly peeled off, so my right foot pretty much stayed out of the water so as to stay out of pain. Get out of shower. Mom insists I soak my feet. Cool, sounds fine. Warm water, epsom salt….probably good for sore feet.
Less good for feet with patches of open skin. I cried. I contained myself quickly, but I cried. I am not a crier. It sucked.
Asleep by 11.

Saturday –
Feel totally awesome upon waking up, despite the fact we’re leaving earlier than on Friday. Feet don’t hurt nearly as bad, I don’t feel all drowsy, it’s all good. Make french toast for breakfast. Get dressed, put bandaids on, thank the stars that the lady I worked with suggested Ugg boots and that my sister has a pair and let me borrow them. Bring other shoes just in case.
Pants I got the other day are weird. Realize they have no front pockets. Put phone in back pocket. Whatever. Get to work. We’re there earlier to vacuum the floor before people start showing up. [We did this every day after, so they didn’t have to hire their cleaning crew or anything. Saved them money, we made a bit more, whoohoo. Vacuuming, who cares.]
11:45 or so I take a 15 minute break to go to the bathroom, check texts and get a muffin.
Run to bathroom, reply to texts from mom, boyfriend, friend. Leave bathroom, go to little cafeteria right next to bathroom. Look at menu and make notes for later, buy muffin, sit down. Realize I don’t have my phone. Frantically check pockets and every pocket on my bag. Nowhere. Ohshit. Oh god why. Oh no. Throw muffin in bag, grab bag, haul ass back to bathroom. Check every stall. Not there. Go back to cafeteria and check everywhere I was. Not there. Ohfuckohfuckohfuck. That was like three minutes tops and that bathroom is never busy, how the hell. WHY.
Run back up to the show floor, explain to lady I’m working with what’s up. Tell her I’ll be a few minutes more. Go up to security. Find out they just had a phone returned a couple minutes ago. Yessss.
It’s a Blackberry.
Leave information with Lost and Found. Try calling phone from coworker’s phone; rings and goes to voicemail. Try multiple times after: straight to voicemail. Call parents, explain.
Disappointedly go back to work. Extra sad because I felt good and my feet weren’t killing me, so the day would have been perfect. Now it’s bullshit.
Continue working. Mention to couple people phone is gone. Standard few nice people are nice. It’s been a couple hours. Randomly see dad coming towards me. Thehellishedoinghere. Explains he talked to security and whatnot; security guy with him explains some of our options. File police report, but don’t expect much. [Obviously.] Could call him the next day and see if anything turned up. Blahblah. Okay. Dad leaves. Bye Dad. Back to work.
Rest of the day is pretty much the same. Leave at 6 again, get home around 7 again. Don’t feel nearly as dead as the day before, but still bummed about the phone. Shower, soak feet. Not as raw now, so it’s okay. Turn computer on long enough to post on Facebook that I can’t be reached by phone. Pretty much watch some Olympics and go to bed by 11 again.

Sunday –
Wake up with a scratchy throat, feeling kind of blehh.
God damn it why.
Borrow sister’s phone so I have some form of contact, and boots again, because awesome. Leave around the same time. Stop in CVS for paper towels. Pick up more bandaids, and BelVita breakfast biscuit thingies since I didn’t have time to cook. Feel icky.
Spend most of the day in the mindset “Okay. There is probably about a 50% chance I’m going to throw up in a second. Can I…no, I cannot get to a bathroom in time. These trash cans are all too small. Okay, don’t throw up. Do not throw up.” Didn’t throw up. Felt like shit, but did not throw up. Success.
Was asked multiple times if I needed to go home, had coworker and boss offer to get someone else in. No really guys, I’m good. It’s cool. I can do it, don’t worry about it. I’m fine.
Able to leave a little earlier than the last two days. Fine with me. Get home a little earlier. Shower, soak feet, have cold pizza because family ordered it earlier. Still feel icky. In bed around 8, asleep by 9.
Beg universe I don’t feel worse in the morning.

Monday –
Feel better. Not amazing, but definitely less awful. Throat’s still weird, but I don’t feel like I’m going to puke at any given moment. Working alone today, so mom gets up, makes bacon and eggs and drives me there. Still have sister’s boots and phone.
Get in and start vacuuming as usual. Everything’s pretty much done a touch early, so I take a quick break to go check Lost and Found. Expecting little, but I figure it’s worth a shot since it had been closed the day before. Door’s open when I get there, but no one’s inside. The security guard I’d talked to with my dad on Saturday was outside, recognized me. No such luck, explains people will usually return Blackberries and all, but not iPhones. Easy to jail break. Yeahhh I know. Booo. Oh well, thanks for trying.
Go back to work. Short day: Last day of the convention, closes at 1. Am in a totally acceptable mood knowing I’m leaving before my normal lunch break would be. Cool.
Make plans after to go hang out with a friend and her family, in from another state. Haven’t seen her in forever, yayyy. Go straight there after work and  don’t get home until after 9. Have a bit of a cough all day. Her family makes fun of my smoker’s cough. Hah, funny guys. “You need to lay off the cigars, Meg.” I could happily never see another cigar in my life. [You would think if this was the 80th anniversary of the convention that by now someone would have figured out that maybe they should have it outside or something. Or at least have more sufficient ventilation/fans going on. When you have that many people chain-smoking in a building that wasn’t made to be smoked in for three and a half days, shit gets a little ridiculous.] Have fun. Felt pretty good all day besides the coughing. Get home, talk to parents a bit. Go in my room to empty my bag and all.
Head practically imploded. WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED, SINUSES. THAT WAS SO SUDDEN. Try to clear nasal passages to no avail. Immediately start to feel icky again. Shower. Head still feels like it’s going to explode at any given time. Debate if I’m going to soak my feet after. Say to hell with it, turn the shower on hotter and sit in the water stream for who knows how long until I muster the will power to hit the handle and turn it off. Get out, basically go straight to bed.
Wake up like 6 times during the night. Balls.

Spend all day Tuesday with 101.whatever fever. Mostly slept. Blahh.
Ping pong back and forth from sofa to bed all of Wednesday and Thursday. Watching the Olympics and resting.
Feel better on Friday. Still coughing, still weird sinuses, but not nearly as shitty. Boyfriend spends day/night.

Aaaand then today I managed to get to the Sprint store and get a new phone. Yayyyy. Luckily for me I had my old one backed up in iTunes, so all the texts/pictures/contacts I figured I’d lost are still here, all loaded and good to go on my new phone. [Which is not only a 16GB where my previous was an 8, but also an iPhone 4S instead of the 4. Totally by accident, but hey, nice to meet you too, Siri.] Good times. Sucks being out the money – even though my parents are cool and are splitting the cost with me – but oh welll. Shit happens, people are assholes, what can you do.

Also managed to see a car spin uncontrollable donuts right in front of me in the middle of one of the most batshit highways here on the way home from the Sprint store today. My mom and I had noticed something weird on the car a few minutes before and backed off it. Aaand sure enough, he lost control, spun out, blowing smoke, and wound up in the grass median. THANKFULLY everyone around was paying attention and he didn’t flip it, because that would have sucked. As it stands it was just super weird. Cool.

Busy week is busy. I probably wouldn’t have been as sick if I’d come straight home instead of going to hang out with my friend on Monday butttttt….didn’t know when I’d get to see her again, so it was worth it. And I could have just not worked Monday at all, and given the shift to the lady I was working with, but she has another job she needed to do, so it was better for her, and I wanted the hours.
And really, totally worth it. I now know more about cigars and cigar people than I ever would have otherwise, so I know that some of the people I was around were relatively important people in the field of cigars, or at least to their companies. A couple of said people being Rick Rodriguez [super cool guy, by the way] and Ed McKenna [master blender and senior brand manager, respectively] of the company CAO. I mention these two specifically because they’re the two that got up on the little prop stage [CAO’s new line is called Concert], grabbed the guitar and microphone, and rocked the hell out to Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’ while the rest of us were cleaning up [read: should have been cleaning, but really were watching/cheering/taking pictures and videos on our phones. Or our sister’s phones in some cases.] Made my day totally worth it? Yes, yes it did.
Useless picture, but behold:

Yeah. Good times.


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