A Small Update and A Large Fangirly Explosion of Jeremy Renner


For me, anyway.

And by ‘busy’ I mean I’ve spent an estimated metric shitton of time simply staring at Jeremy Renner pics/gifs today. So I’ll just let you figure out how busy I actually am by yourself.

But we’ll get to that in a minute. [Because yes, it very much requires getting to.]

Still coughing. I’m chalking this up to the fact I’ve had way too much dairy in the past week or two to possibly be good for getting over a cold. Alas.

Started my morning-babysitting today. [Pretty much involves getting up just before 6 a.m to go get an almost-7-year-old dressed, fed, and safely on the bus at 7:42. I’ve learned that bus times are very specific. Who knew? Not the life-long homeschooler.] So for what it is, it could certainly be worse. E-Z mode jobs are E-Z. And it’s only four days a week. Tralalaaaa…..

Also watched my neighbors’ dogs and babysat for another family today. And did laundry, and finished other laundry for my family. So despite the fact it was all mellow today, I felt like I was busy. Which, really, is good enough. And I’m sleepy now, and made some cash, so it’s all good.

In other, non-work related news.

Irritation over the fact Yellowcard tickets don’t go on sale until the 30th. Despite the fact I was at the box office for other tickets on Saturday. Boooo. Alas, I have tickets to All Time Low and The Maine/Mayday Parade in November, and I will get Yellowcard upon their availability. S’ALL GOOD. [Also have tickets to Ed Sheeran in September, and There For Tomorrow a week later. So many shows. So much money just *poof* But hey. Priorities. And stuff.]

In related Saturday news, I was also at the movies. And ohboy. Attractiveness and entertainment. We [being my sisters, my boyfriend and I] MEANT to go for Spiderman [for the second time], The Bourne Legacy, and ParaNorman. But due to us being sneaky, horrible people and going to more than one movie…and it seeming that the only ParaNorman showing was 3D and we didn’t have glasses….we didn’t manage to get to that one. Unfortunately. All in good time. That was the last one though, and since we’d planned on three and we weren’t ready to leave, we opted to see whatever we could find. Since my sisters weren’t interested in what Drew and I wanted to see, we split up. Them to Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2 [I’ll never understand why], and us to The Campaign. Which was, as expected, wonderful. But, with Will Ferrel and Zach Galifianakis…duh. As was Spiderman for the second time. Andrew Garfield is unfairly attractive and hnnng Emma Stone. I don’t feel it needs any more explaining.

And finally, [or rather, not finally. It was the second movie we saw, not the last. Ignore my wonky wording habits.] The Bourne Legacy.

I feel like this is where I should note that I’ve only seen one of the Matt Damon Bourne movies, once, years ago. I do not remember most of it, and I only know the basic plot for the series. I watched this solely because of Jeremy Renner. Much like I stayed up way later than I should have last night watching S.W.A.T solely because of Jeremy Renner. But we will, as before, get to that in a minute.

Overall, Bourne, not a bad movie. Not amazing, but definitely not bad. Though I can’t be 100% whether that’s because it was actually decent/just okay, or just because I spent the majority of it staring at Jeremy Renner so hard I didn’t actually pay attention to half of what happened.

But can you blame me?

Totally not a rhetorical question, by the way. HOW COULD YOU BLAME ME?


See? Couldn’t blame me if you tried.

Still not convinced? By all means, let me prove my point.

I have toooootally not googled him at least ten times today. Totally not.

Just like I toooootally did not stay up until after 1 a.m last night when I had to be up at 5:45 because I found out about the movie S.W.A.T and realized he was in it and that it was on Netflix. Totally did not stay up to watch it JUST because he was in it.

But oh.


So worth it.

[INTERMISSION: I apologize here and now for this post being reminiscent of my Zachary Quinto fangirly post in that I’m basically just using it as an excuse to ogle some wonderfully attractive celebrity. But again: Can you blame me? Of course not. So you’re welcome. And now back to our regularly scheduled fangirling programming.]

Why was it so worth it? Was it an incredible movie? Full of plot twists and fantastic characters and a moving concept?


It was good, sure. Samuel L. Jackson is pretty much the epitome of awesome, Collin Farrel’s pretty cool, everyone else in it is also pretty cool. Not a bad story, it wasn’t boring or dull and didn’t seem like it was trying too hard. Would watch again, sure.

But ah….


By which I mean ‘I do say.’

By which I mean ‘so hot…how possible…’

I feel like I just need to get it out there and say him in that movie as that character pretty much tops the chart of single sexiest thing ever in the history of the human race. [His existence in that movie boils down to “holy biceps batman”, “holy shit he pulls off earrings incredibly well”, “hair porn of the highest degree” and “ridiculously attractive man carrying important looking guns and equipment around for the duration of the film.”]

It’s one of those movies – for me, I can’t help you if you’re blind – where the ‘bad guy’ is so stupidly endearing that you [I] kind of don’t even care about all the horrifyingly shitty things he did. [And at the same time, Renner’s a good enough actor that he makes you hate his character like you’re supposed to and WANT him to get in trouble for what he’s done. I’m just in a little too deep here for that to really sink in for me.]

So without further ado….ah fuck it. We’ll call it what it is:

Meg Is Having A Mental Breakdown Over This Guy And Feels Like Sharing A Little Too Much



See my thing here?

If not you’re a lost cause and I can’t help you. That, or I’m seriously broken. [Not that I’m complaining. Tooootally okay with this kind of breakage.]

And on that note, he also does music. Piano, guitar, drums….and dat voice.




As if I didn’t love American Pie already. And now it, coupled with him, coupled with ALL THE FEELS FROM THAT CLIP. I am not okay.

Add to that, him singing Billy Joel’s New York State of Mind on Jimmy Fallon’s show

But that’s not on YouTube, so you’ll just have to click the link and trust me on this. [No really. If only for the look on Fallon’s face when Jeremy starts singing. Worth it in itself.]

Oh this has gone on too far. I’m going to refrain from directly posting the…ahem, questionable gif of him being…ahem, questionable.  [Mainly because I’m 99% sure it’s from the movie Dahmer, and I’m too much of a pussy to watch a movie about a psycho serial killer/rapist/cannibal just yet even though it’s him, but in context like that it makes the gif a touch disturbing. When you think about it. I mainly just don’t think about it and then I’m fine. And holyshit.] But you know…clicking it is totally your choice. Coughcough.

So I think I’ll just leave it at that and go now. It’s past my bedtime for getting up at 5:45 anyway. Tralalaa….


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2 Responses to A Small Update and A Large Fangirly Explosion of Jeremy Renner

  1. Anonymous says:

    i’ve just done the “googled his name ten times” and “he can do no wrong even if he’s the bad ass sexy villain”…

    Oh help.

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