Another Change of Plans and Some Other Stuff

Aaaaaaand plans have changed yet again.

After applying, signing up for orientation, getting transcripts and getting financial aid forms done with, I have, for now, decided fuck college.

Yeah I know, I know.

But really….I could go back and forth for hours on the pros and cons of going or not going, but at the moment, for me, it’s just….Blah.

If I had one specific field I was dying to go into it would be an easy yes. But I don’t. And I don’t really want to be tied down to anything for the next 8 or even 2 years if I don’t CARE about it. If I could take whatever classes I wanted and work it out that way, then maybe. But I hate math with a burning passion and while I can do whatever math I’m going to NEED in life, I’d prefer not having to take more classes on it [like I’d need to for an AA], since I’m never going to take a job that includes more math than I have knowledge of right now. I’d be miserable. So while if it would get me a job I’d love, I could tolerate the necessary courses….I don’t have anything set right now. No point.

I know degrees are useful. I understand. My dad made the ‘you can’t move up the ladder without one’ point last night, and he’s absolutely right, for almost all companies. On the other hand, I don’t WANT to be in charge of a bunch of people. I don’t want to deal with finances or business or anything along those lines. And anyway, you need a Bachelors or Masters degree for most of the high-level things [that I have no interest in to begin with]; an AA might help you get into an entry-level or just slightly higher tiered positions, but for jobs like that I’m content in the belief I can get one if I need to.

My dad also made the point of how you don’t want to be stuck in a minimum wage job; to which my mom retorted ‘when have you EVER made only 7 or 8 dollars an hour without a college education?’ Which was a good point, since neither of my parents have ever had minimum wage jobs, and up until recently neither of them had degrees. [My mom got her Master’s in holistic nutrition a couple years back.] My mom started bartending at 17, and while she had a couple minimum-wage jobs in between, she didn’t stay long enough for it to matter. Dad’s always had a decent paying job. So….a good point to think of, but there are definitely ways around it.

On top of all of that, I was homeschooled my whole life: I’m used to versatility. I like being able to say yes to things and go on random vacations or just not be home for a weekend if something comes up. School would destroy that option for me. “But Megggg, if you have a job you can’t just do random things either. How is that any different?” I know, but you have more options with work. You can take a week or a few days off now and again if you need to. If you’re in school, you’re stuck until you get a break. If I could do all my classes online, and at my own pace, I would happily do it. But since you’re kind of confined to certain things, that ruins it for me. I’m a relatively self-motivated person with a good amount of will power, and I’d have no problem getting the work done quicker than the deadlines if they gave me the options I prefer, but since I can’t have them, I don’t see it working out right now.

So that’s that. I may or may not change my mind eventually, but for now, settled. I like learning; I don’t like school.

In other, less stressful news, I got my shoes from the last post and they are FUCKING WONDERFUL. Augh so great. Now I just need it to get cooler out so I can justify wearing them more often. Along with the tights I picked up last week [royal blue. Also ordered red ones from Forever 21], and jackets and hats and all. Whoo.

Since I’m trying to cut back on the shopping, I’ve spent most of today painting. Mainly just fabric to make pillows, since I had some lying around and was planning on it. [I’ve kind of decided to give Etsy another go; hopefully I’ll be able to have some things finished and posted by next weekend. Updates when they happen.] I’ll post pictures when they’re finally turned into pillows and not just fabric scraps. Either way, it’s entertained me. As it always does. I feel like that means something.

Perhaps the biggest news of the week is I’m finally getting a new computer. Ordered parts when my boyfriend was over for a couple days earlier this week. [Well, no; he ordered parts – I watched.] With any luck they’ll be in sometime early next week, and we can get it set up when he’s off work on Thursday. I rearranged my room slightly, got a new desk for it and everything. All this excitement, man. S’just too much.

I’d throw in all the specifics of the parts we got, but frankly I don’t remember them all. As with the other things, I shall update on that when I have updates. Either way, I’ll be able to play games again and it will be great. And nobody will complain about my typing like a drunk monkey [mic built into my computer – nobody likes hearing me type on Skype], and my webcam won’t suck. Awwww yissss.

Unrelated shopping news: I got a pirate hat at Target for $12 and my Halloween costume is complete. [I’m convinced I can scrounge up a full outfit using stuff I already own; the hat was the necessary piece I didn’t have.] Yeah I know, boring, a pirate. But I’ve never been one and I’ve always wanted to, so I figure I’ll get it out of the way. No complaints. I’ll be something cool next year. I promise. [Don’t hold me to that.]

Aaaaaaaaaand I’m contemplating chopping off my hair. Cannot for the life of me decide. One friend says yes, another says no, boyfriend says yes. Haven’t mentioned it to anyone else. I’ve seen too many screenshots of Olivia Wilde [gigantic girl-crush there] in the movie Butter this week [still yet to see the movie], and that on top of the fact one of my best friends chopped her ridiculously long hair off a few months ago, and the idea is just clawing at my brain.

I’ve had it short before, sure.

….Didn’t really go well.

The first time was just reallyreally bad. But I chalk that up to being  younger and having no idea what to do with it. Or rather, not caring about doing anything with it.

Cut it when I was like 14, and kept it short till I was a good chunk into 15 and started letting it grow again. If I styled it, it wasn’t bad; but then it got into the humidity, curled, and went bananas. But, I clearly didn’t understand the concept of hair straighteners, or hairspray. SO, with those in mind, and an overall better sense of….everything, now, I think it could end better this time around.

And when I say ‘short’, I don’t mean ‘Pixie Emma Watson short’. I mean more like…..

I feel like something along those lines could work.

And on top of that: I never really leave my hair down to begin with; it’s almost always clipped up. At this length, it takes me 30 minutes or an hour to blow dry OR straighten it, longer to do both, so I usually do neither. I don’t generally like how ponytails look on me, so I usually don’t wear them, and while I’ll sometimes braid it to one side, it usually gets all screwy quick enough that I don’t want to bother. So. Not too many reasons to keep it how it is. Only real reason I’m debating not doing it is that I don’t want to regret doing it and have to wait three years for it to get back to the length it is now. But then again, hair grows and since it won’t be SHORT short, I’ll probably be able to manage making it decent until it does, assuming I don’t adore it.


I’ll probably just do it.

As the friend who recently cut hers mentioned yesterday, it’s just going to bother me until I do it, so I suppose there’s no way out of it at this point. Tralalaaaaa.

Anyway. Suppose that’s it for now. Ciao x

Side note;

If you happen to have some extra cash lying around [which you probably don’t, so rather, if you’re willing to share some of your hard-earned cash], do me a favor and check out this project:

Arriba Films has set up a Kickstarter fund to give their movie Ingenious a theatrical release. They’ve done everything themselves and at their own pace, and they want to continue on that path, which is where we come in. They have a $48,000 goal, which, if they make it, will go towards music rights, 35mm prints/digital transfers, and advertising/promotional costs. Right now they’re just short of $43,000 in pledged funds. Which is awesome – but there’s just under 2 weeks left to pledge donations. If you’re unfamiliar with Kickstarter, that might seem okay, since $43k isn’t too shabby. The problem is that if they don’t make the full amount in their allotted time, they won’t receive any of it. Which would be lame.

So basically, even if it’s just a dollar, if you can toss anything their way, it would be appreciated by a lot of people. [If you check out the right-hand sidebar on the page, you’ll see they offer quite a few pretty cool bonuses, scaling in awesomeness by your donation. Bit of incentive there.]

The movie stars Jeremy Renner [so you know I’m a big fan already], Dallas Roberts and Ayelet Zurer, and is based on a true story.

There are plenty of projects I wish I could fund and I’m not saying this is more deserving than any of the others, but I can’t help but want them to reach their goal, if only because I love when people do things like this, be them famous or not. So, at least watch the video, and maybe give it a Tweet or something, even if you can’t donate.


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