Where I’ve Been the Past Month, What I’m Doing the Next One, and Some Other Stuff.

Chances are good that no one’s really noticed, but I’ve been away for a while.

Sort of.

Mainly, the majority of the month-long gap in posting was just very busy. Still is, but I figure before I forget/don’t get another chance, I’d might as well throw something up here. And considering I only have two hours of being home right now, and other things that need doing, this is going to be one of those bullet-point posts.

Things That Happened In The Last Month Or So:

  • Got sick mid-October. Flu of some sort, I guess. Had a low fever for like 5 days. Less than fun, but more inconvenient than anything else.
  • Went to the beach with the boyfriend for a week and a half. Conveniently at the same time that I was sick. We would have postponed, but the whole reason for going was that he had vacation time he had to use, and we’d both already scheduled time off from work, so that wasn’t an option. We wound up at the beach for about an hour and a half one day half-way through our stay, went to the mall to see Argo and Trouble With The Curve [both worth watching], went to a little Italian place on one of the last couple nights, and the rest of the time was essentially spent on the sofa watching the History Channel, Game Show Network, cartoons, and playing iPhone games. [Speaking of which, totally not asked to say this, but ohmygod I’m going to wind up spending everything I have on 7 Little Words.] Quite the vacation. Still totally worth it.
  • Came home feeling mostly better, but still less-than-great. Went back to my job of morning-babysitting.
  • Went trick-or-treating with my sister for Halloween. Got made fun of by people I babysit for. No shame. I was a pirate. My hat was utterly fantastic and you should be jealous. We were out roughly three hours and we have the sugar to prove it. [Mostly unrelated: Short hair is the greatest thing ever. I liked it long and all, but the amount of easier this is actually hurts me to think about. And it magically wound up looking not totally ridiculous. SUCCESS. An actual picture, since the one I uploaded last month was a mirror-picture and I promised more and I’ve been busy and this is all I have: Yay.]
  • Spent the entire next day [Thursday] throwing my guts up. The family I babysit for in the mornings seemed to have some stomach bug going through their house, so my best guess is I got it there. I ate the poptarts the 6 year old didn’t want that morning, and didn’t feel great when I left. Got home around 8 a.m as usual, managed to get my nap till 11, and then proceeded to my 7-hour relinquish-everything-in-the-body-and-if-there’s-nothing-start-making-things-up spree. It was not a fun day. Canceled the babysitting I was supposed to do that day, and the next morning. Watched The Help. Emma Stone is too great to be human.
  • Didn’t feel wonderful on Friday, but stayed chilled out [watched 50/50 – worth watching] or asleep most of the day and managed to drag my sisters and I to a concert that night. The Maine, Mayday Parade and The Postelles. Cool enough show. I much prefer Mayday over the Maine, but neither were bad and The Postelles got themselves a rather rabid new fan. Quite like. Even though I had to sit down between sets and halfway through the Maine’s 1hr 20min set I was ready to go home and to bed. Alas.
  • Spent the next couple days feeling relatively icky, and as of this past weekend I was still eating borderline nothing. [I lived off grapes and Gatorade for a  few days, with a couple saltine crackers.] Spent Sunday at the boyfriend’s; chugged some smoothie and got down about a quarter of a sandwich at Tropical Smoothie. We went to Five Guys with his brother for dinner, and though I didn’t bother trying to eat anything, they still proceeded to taunt me with the idea of Dairy Queen. Evil.
  • Still coughing, but otherwise finally back to normal as of like two days ago. Victory.
  • Computer had a spontaneous meltdown on Tuesday. Boyfriend came over after work yesterday to fix it; wonky graphics card. Picked up a lesser quality replacement last night and it’s useable again. Working on getting the better one. All in good time.
  • Most of my Christmas shopping is now out of the way. A few things I have to make/put together, but the majority is done. Still a couple people I’m completely lost over, but that’s why I started early for once. /efficiency
  • Started playing WoW again. I know, I know; Pandas. Shut up.

So that pretty much sums it up. Busy being sick, mainly, with minor windows of entertainment. I’m just happy it wasn’t the kind of sickness that comes with a scratchy throat.

And now I’m mostly just busy…

Things That Are Coming Up:

  • Babysitting tonight; I will momentarily become religious and pray I can get these kids to watch a movie for once.
  • Dog-sitting for my neighbors tomorrow. Also have Bright House coming out early afternoon to move our router/modem and pray that fixes my horrifying, weirdass internet issues. My room is like a box of failure for technology.
  • Yellowcard show with the boyfriend on Saturday.
  • All Time Low show with the sisters on Sunday. Off of babysitting on Monday morning.
  • Falling In Reverse show with one sister on Thursday.
  • Off work Thanksgiving week, which is also conveniently my birthday week. Best present will be staying up later than 10, and sleeping later than 5:45. Probably.
  • Sum 41 with opposite sister as the FiR show on December 8th.
  • Babysitting probably all of the next day. Kid’s parents are going to a football game. Ohlord.

At some point in there I have to figure out the rest of my Christmas gift-list and get all of that together. And I want to make some cards for DeviantART’s Holiday Card Project – deadline for that being December 15th.


So yeah. Busy enough.

Oh. Had to vote too. Mom thought it was necessary that I ‘experience’ it for my first go, rather than getting absentee ballots. Ohgodwhy. [Not really; we were there just before 8 a.m on the 6th so my dad could hopefully get to work on time and we were out around 8:30.] I’m mainly just happy it’s over. Didn’t really want Obama or Romney to win, but since neither Johnson nor anyone else had half a chance, here’s hoping it won’t suck too bad.

On that note, actually, I don’t get how people get so batshit over who wins or loses. I fully understand wanting one or the other, and being happy or disappointed, but…wtf Facebook, stahp. It was going to suck at least a little regardless of which one won; neither of them are that great. Pros and cons to both. It’s usually like that. Stupid.

In any case, I’m just happy that’s over so we can start hearing less about it. *confetti*

And now I must go. Have to go through my room and try to find more than a movie we probably won’t watch [I can hope, can’t I?] and shrink-paper to entertain the munchkins tonight, since it’ll be too cold and near-dark when I get there to drag them to the park. Alternatives are necessary. Ciao.


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I'm pretty much your average 19 year old girl. I'm kind of rabidly into anything artsy [well. I adore most anything in the realm of 'art'. Doesn't mean I'm good at it all.] including fashion. After becoming sort of obsessed with Polyvore.com, I decided to create this. It'll probably mostly just be a giant, chaotic mess of all my little projects, loves, wants, obsessions and some random things I find along the way. Enjoy - or don't; Really, it's up to you.
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