Movies, Concerts, Updates and Maybe My Next Post Won’t Be Another Month From Now

So it’s been over a month again.

Go me. *Confetti*

In any case, because we all know how great I am with topic transitions, it’ll be another bullet-point post.

One of these days I’ll post frequently enough that I won’t need bullet points every time.


So November 8th being the last post….

  • Managed to get my internet fixed. Which is good. On the downside, my graphics card decided to die on me, and I have a relatively shitty replacement until the new one comes in/the old one gets fixed. [Boyfriend’s working on that; sent it back to the company, so we’ll see what happens.]
  • We missed Yellowcard on the 10th. Boyfriend had horrid food poisoning [Read: “Taco Hell is to be avoided at all costs always. Mistakes were made.] and while he insisted he could go, we went to a friend’s birthday party first, then headed to the show and made it through the first two bands before I suggested we go home. Ah well. They’ll be back. [Not like I haven’t seen them three times anyhow. And headaches suck.] Did get to see We Are The In Crowd, so I at least knew one song in the time we were there. Hah. Whoo.
  • All Time Low on the 11th was awesome as usual. Those guys are snowflakes to the highest degree. Also, bras. So many bras. Always.
  • Falling In Reverse on the 15th, started their set with this video and managed to keep up the awesomeness after that. A hard thing to manage, as you can see.
  • Stayed at the boyfriend’s most of the week I was off over Thanksgiving/my birthday. Had cereal for my birthday dinner and microwave potato skins from the freezer aisle for Thanksgiving. Awww yissss. [No really, it was nice. Also he got me ridiculously wonderful art markers, so I was happy camping.]
  • SUM 41 HNNNGG. I’m more excited about this show right now than ATL’s or FIR’s both because I’d seen them a few times each already [whereas this was the first time seeing Sum 41], and because this one was more recent, being last weekend. AND OH SO GREAT THEY WERE. I left the show wanting them to come back. Ah. I think they’re going on the list of ‘to see every possible time they come through.’

It’s otherwise been a whirlwind of babysitting, shopping, and trying to get Christmas things together. And although I have no concerts coming up right now, I DO have a bunch of other random stuff coming up. For instance:

  • Blondie [being my friend Jordan, not the band with Debbie Harry] is planning on staying a day or two in just over a week, as we plan on being able to see the mutual friend that rounds out our 3 Musketeers setup for the first time in…well, ever. That should be just before Christmas, assuming it all works out.
  • Probably going to Universal sometime over the next month or two since another best friend is going to be home from college and I haven’t seen her since June. Yayyy.
  • Babysitting. Always more babysitting.

But that’s as of right now. Things might change and chances are more might pop up. Like hopefully a trip relatively soon to the movies, because OH MY GOD THE HOBBIT I AM DYING HERE.

Not that I haven’t been to the movies enough lately. I went twice last week and saw two of the same movies twice. Those two being Skyfall and Wreck-It Ralph. Also saw Red Dawn and Rise of the Guardians on the first trip. I don’t think I’ve been that impressed with every movie on a multi-movie-day in quite a while. Usually there’s at least one that’s just ok, but lord, all of these were so great.

  • Rise of the Guardians – I went into it knowing it would be awesome. Chris Pine, Hugh Jackman, Jude Law, Alec Baldwin, Isla Fisher, Dakota Goyo…could not be bad. [And if you don’t recognize that last name, you should. This is the kid that was in Reel Steel, and is indescribable awesome. Also played the younger version of Thor in the beginning of the movie of the same name.]
  • Red Dawn – I assumed it would be awesome, but was scared it might not be. Speaking of Thor, Chris Hemsworth is unspeakable wonderful. Same for Josh Peck. Guy’s come a long way from the Amanda Show/Drake & Josh days, and he was good back then too. My dad told my sister and I when we mentioned we were seeing that not to bother, because the original with Patrick Swayze was so bad. Glad we didn’t listen.
  • Wreck-It Ralph – OH MY GOD I CANNOT WORDS. Perfect movie is perfect. I’m going to say nothing apart from ‘you absolutely must watch it’, and I went through the whole thing going “LOLOL IT’S KENNETH’ every time Felix was on screen. Jack McBrayer you wonderful bastard. If you haven’t seen 30 Rock it will mean nothing to you, but oh god if you have….
  • Skyfall – All the people who have complained about this movie need to re-watch it. All the people who haven’t seen it, but have listened to those who complain about it need to ditch their pretentious movie-snob friends and think for themselves, because it was fantastic.

Also I feel like noting the Bourne Legacy was just as wonderful the third time, even out of theaters. Had to, of course, run to Target on Tuesday after babysitting to pick it up. Watched it last night with my parents – both loved it – and I’ll probably watch it again relatively soon because A.) Genuinely really like the movie, and B.) Genuinely really like Jeremy Renner’s existence. Oh my god why so attractive.

And that was that.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to my Christmas presents. I would post explanations and pictures now, since I really have no worries of surprises being ruined [being that I’m 99.9% sure no one who’s getting presents checks this blog at all], but you never know and paranoia. So there.

P.S – The BBC show Luther, with Idris Elba, is utterly fantastic, and I’m only 2 1/2 episodes in. Run to Netflix immediately.


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