Concerts and….Yeah no, mostly just concerts.

So because it’s been a rather disgusting amount of time since the last post [not for the first time and surely not for the last], let me start by updating on things that happened in the last post.

  • Got to make French toast with the awesome cinnamon swirly bread. Many times. And it’s wonderful.
  • Did not get to see the friend that was in town, due to wonky scheduling for both of us. Sad panda.
  • Did the cool egg dye thing. Didn’t come out identical to the kind pictured, but pretty close and it was still pretty cool. Naturally, I took no pictures. Boooo.
  • Did get tickets for Olly Murs after all.

Now that we’re caught up on all that, I suppose it wouldn’t make sense to start babbling about last night when I’ve mentioned nothing about the last month and a half or so since the last post.

  • Went to the beach with the boyfriend’s family over Easter weekend. Only spent two actual hours at the beach on Saturday, came home terribly sunburnt and in pain. All hail aloe. On the bright side, that was probably the worst of the sunburn I’ll get this year, since thanks to that and work and trying to actually even out my tan lines, I’m not glow-in-the-dark white anymore. [Though I did manage to get burnt a few days ago when I was outside tanning, in the hopes of fixing my ridiculous tan lines from work. Three cheers for wearing different bikinis that show different parts of skin. Sigh.]
  • Wound up meeting a family from Chicago at work last month. Two little girls, their mom, her boyfriend, and the girls’ cousin. I mention this because I somehow wound up babysitting them later the day I met them. That probably doesn’t usually happen. Give some girls cornrows, end your shift, then go swimming and play arcade games and watch stupid youtube videos with them until Midnight. My life is weird.
  • The All Time Low show was awesome. Of course it was. You Me At Six was cool, Mayday Parade was great [expected, after seeing them in November] and their cover of Somebody That I Used To Know [with Vic Fuentes of Pierce the Veil] was absolutely kickass, ATL is always awesome and I will undoubtedly never tire of their shows at this point, and I actually quite liked Pierce the Veil. I’d seen them at Warped last year, but hadn’t actually listened to them otherwise. Good show though. Fuckyeah confetti.
  • Iron Man 3 was pretty awesome. Yay one-liners. I’ll attempt not to ruin it for anyone who didn’t see it Thursday night like I did.

And because I just went through my facebook wall back to January trying to think of if I missed anything that’s happened recently and can’t think of anything, I suppose now is the time to babble a little about last night. Which was, of course, the A Day To Remember show.

First off, let me note that when I bought the VIP tickets back in January, we were supposed to be at the venue at 5:30 for the meet&greet portion, before the show. A few weeks or  months or whatever later, they changed the time to 5:00. Okay, cool. So Thursday night, my sister and I decided to leave at like 2:00, so we could stop and get something to eat on the way, and have some time for traffic/rain/finding where we were going and all that jazz, since we’d never been to that venue. So we left at 2, went to Subway, blahblah. As we’re about to leave there, I happened to check my email. Had a message from the ADTR site about the meet&greet; changed the time to 4:20. Oh dear, oh, okay then. Long story short, after getting very slightly lost and missing a couple turns, and making way too many u-turns, we still wound up there with a little bit to spare. So the time was fine.

What was a little iffy was that we didn’t actually get let in until about 5:30 anyway. Which would have been fine, and we weren’t overly perturbed since we left early enough, except for the fact that each time they lowered the ‘be here’ time, it came with a message about them doing it to spend more time with people. So that’s cool. Except it was basically a conveyor belt of getting things signed and getting a picture and then going into the venue to wait for the actual show to start, another almost two hours later. SO YEAH. But it was fine; they were nice, got the things we wanted signed, got the fancy VIP tshirt, and got a place as close to the stage as we could get. [And yes, we got very squished later on. Worth it.]

On the subject of getting things signed, everyone was supposed to get their VIP laminates signed. Which was fine, but I figured Sharpies on plastic laminate was probably not the most long-lasting option. So my sister got one of their CDs signed, and I just made something to have signed. One of the guys dubbed it an A Day To Remember passport. Amused.

So that was cool enough. YAY KEEPSAKES AND STUFF. Or something.


And then that was cool too.

Seeing as I hadn’t listened to a second of Issues before the show, had no idea about them going into it. Fine, not their biggest fan, but they were good enough. Still no fonder of Of Mice And Men than I was at Warped last year, but I hated them very slightly less this time. And despite the fact – for various reasons – I’m convinced Austin Carlile is a douche, he seemed okay enough last night. And then I heard [from the girls we hung out with most of the show, as they were fairly stuck next to us, and they happened to have a friend who knew one of the bands and was backstage] that he left on a stretcher, after having trouble breathing and being put on oxygen backstage after their set. So while I’m not a fan, it’s not like I want the guy dead or anything, so here’s hoping things aren’t too shitty on that front.

Then there was this middle-aged woman behind us between OM&M’s set and ADTR’s, whining about how it was her niece’s 13th birthday and they were her favorite band, and how horrible we all were to not let her into the front. So that was interesting. SORRY LADY. If you want a decent spot, you need to get there hours in advance, forfeit bathrooms, food, and water, and stand there the entire time. [Also, highfive to the Hard Rock for bringing cups of ice water around the front line for everyone. A+, guys.] Not shove to the front and expect people to give up their spot because it’s someone’s birthday and you think you’re entitled. I apologize for your inconvenience, but as the girl next to me said earlier, “Life is hard. Life’s a lot harder when you’re stupid.” Go away. [And after the whole chunk of front-row that could hear her told security that she was being a pain, and they talked to her, she finally did. After she threw another hissy fit and called us all bitches. Lolbye.]

And then A Day To Remember. Ahh. Made the getting squished worth it. So very great. The amount of confetti at the end was spectacular. Their 4-song encore [that Jeremy made a point of mentioning, as this is their 10th year as a band and 2-song encores are no longer acceptable] was awesome. The whole thing was awesome. Beach balls and toilet paper rolls included.

So that was that.

And now Tuesday night we have Olly Murs, and on Friday is Alkaline Trio. And I’m losing my shit out of excitement. Cannot stand it.

Also got tickets to see Marianas Trench on the 31st. Whooo so many concerts. Though I was fairly horribly disappointed finding out last night that Cheap Trick is going to be in town, inconveniently this Friday. Because I’m not missing my favorite band for them, but I really would have liked to see them. Oh well.

And…yeah no, I think that about covers it.

Now if only I could wear sugar skull makeup tomorrow for work, because Cinco De Mayo and all. Silly rules.


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