I Got To Pet An Owl Today, And That’s All That Really Matters Here

I keep going ‘This thing happened; I must mention it so it doesn’t pile up and I have to make a big explanation post in a month.’

And then it piles up and I have to make a big explanation post a month later.

I’m mostly deciding I need to post NOW because I’m still excited over the simple fact I got to pet an owl today.


So yeah. Her name was Athena and she was glorious and I about lost my shit having this opportunity, owls being one of my favorite animals and all.

I should PROBABLY be more excited over the fact this was my first trip to Busch Gardens [and it was glorious], and that I got to see a couple of my best friends I haven’t seen in 6 months [which was also glorious]. And while those were great things…..owl.

Apart from the owl, today can pretty much be summed up by: Roller coasters, slight technical difficulties, getting soaked by going on the rapids ride three times in a row, and then getting soaked wandering around the parking lot trying to find the car in a downpour because I didn’t pay attention to which section I parked in.

So overall it was a pretty great day.

Aaaaand now to backtrack for the rest of the month.

-Marianas Trench is fucking awesome. So great. Happy they finally got a record deal here so they can come back and we can see them again. -Best friend and I did this the day after the Marianas show [since when she was here in December we insisted we had to do it next time she came down]:
And when you look at it like that, if you haven’t seen it before, you probably think ‘…..well that looks dull and I’m not sure what the fuck it even is.’ Which is fair. Until you consider that between those rainbow poles are two giant bungee cords holding onto a ball that sits two, and flings them up almost 400 feet in the air. WHOO. [And if that still makes no sense, I present to thee….the video form. You’re welcome. P.S, save yourself the trouble and skip to a minute in.] So that was fun. Mostly just to say we did it, since the damn thing costs $25 a person.
– I still have yet to go to a water park.
-Work has still yet to get busy, and the schedule still sucks. But on that note, I got mine a day early this week [because I asked for it], so there’s that at least.
-Hookah bars are fun [at least, the new one that’s opened up that our little group has been frequenting. I’ve not been to the Persian one in town, but I hear it’s not quite as great.]
-Drag Night at hookah bars are even more fun. Highly amused.
-I have tickets for Less Than Jake on August 24th, and Yellowcard on September 22. So you can imagine my excitement.
-Went on one of our movie marathons the other day. The Internship [because my sisters insisted for some reason unbeknownst to me that they had to see it. Cheesy as expected, amusing in bits. Worth watching, not in theaters.]; Now You See Me [not as good as I’d hoped it would be. Worth watching, not in theaters. Good enough, just kind of dull.]; This Is The End [lololol what the fuck was that movie. Spent some of it going ‘what even am I watching, how high were they when they made this’, and the rest of it highly amused.]; and Epic [Not bad. Not Rise of the Guardians or Wreck It Ralph, but not bad.]
-Thinking of starting up an Etsy shop. Got some stuff to figure out, so it’ll be a process. But we shall see.
-In searching stuff relating to the opening of said Etsy shop, I came across an interesting one and wound up ordering a set of dreadlock hair extensions. Way more excited than makes sense, and since they’re scheduled to be here by Tuesday, I’m sure I’ll wind up taking pictures with them at some point.
-Boyfriend has a potential new job, that if he gets will likely mean we can move out in the foreseeable future. Nothing just yet, but time will tell. [/cross fingers until it restricts blood flow]
-Boyfriend found a recipe on facebook and passed it on to me and it’s about the best thing ever. OMNOMNOM. [They call them ‘Crack Sticks’. After making them tonight, I’ve affectionately renamed them Cocaine Crunchies, because I feel it has a better ring to it.]

And I think that about covers mostly everything that’s happened or is happening or is set to happen. Booya.


About TheChaoticCloset

I'm pretty much your average 19 year old girl. I'm kind of rabidly into anything artsy [well. I adore most anything in the realm of 'art'. Doesn't mean I'm good at it all.] including fashion. After becoming sort of obsessed with Polyvore.com, I decided to create this. It'll probably mostly just be a giant, chaotic mess of all my little projects, loves, wants, obsessions and some random things I find along the way. Enjoy - or don't; Really, it's up to you.
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