Despite The Fact I Was Shit At Posting Last Year And Nobody Should Care, It’s Time For The New Year Post

Hi Internet.

Been a while.

Been quite a while, actually. 4  1/2 months or so? While.

Anyhow, it’s now a different year than it was last time I posted, and it’s time for the annual ‘this stuff happened last year, hopefully this stuff will happen this year’ rigamarole.

I’ll skip the whole standard recap of what happened since last I posted, since most of that will be included anyway, and there’s just no sense in being redundant. So, moving on, we’ll start with a refresher on last year’s resolutions, shall we?

  • Get steadier income. Even if it’s more babysitting instead of a normal job. I don’t care, just more than what’s coming in now.
  • Get either a tattoo or a new piercing. [Plenty I want, I’d like to check at least something off my list since I didn’t ‘do any this year, or the last few.]
  • Go somewhere new, even if it’s just in the state.
  • Do not cut back severely on going to shows just to save money. A little is acceptable, but they make me way too happy to skip.

So with that in mind, we’ll skip ahead to ‘Noteworthy and Less-Than-Noteworthy Mostly-Good or New Stuff That Happened in 2013’. You know how I love my bullet point lists.

  • Got a job that was not mere babysitting. Even if it’s just wrapping/braiding hair and doing airbrush tattoos at hotels and no one understands just what exactly the hell it is I do…it’s still a steady income. And I enjoy it. Score.
  • Made tentative plans to get tattoos on boyfriend’s next birthday. [In May. Of this year, so it’s coming up.] So that’s a point I missed on last year’s resolutions, but I’ll tack it on to this year’s and call it even.
  • Went to Michigan. So that included the first time there, first time on a plane, first time out of state without family [excluding my sister since she tagged along]…good times.
  • Also got to Jacksonville for the first time. [Considering it’s Jacksonville, this is mostly only noteworthy because it’s where one of my best friends live, I’d never been there, and it’s tacked onto the ‘go somewhere new’ resolution.]
  • Got to 16 concerts. Lots of good ones, couple meh ones, lots of new bands, lots of old bands, some with new friends, some with old friends, lots of money spent, not a lot of regret. Or any. Was good. Got a number of people added to the ‘bands added to the list of those never to ever miss when they come through’. And, irrelevantly and funnily enough, the last show of 2012 was on December 8th, and the last show of 2013 was also on December 8th. Sensing a pattern.
  • Got to Busch Gardens for the first time, finally. Got to pet an owl. Worth the drive.
  • Got to see a lot of friends, including old ones I’d yet to meet in person, and made a lot of good new ones.
  • Got a Batman onesie.
  • Got Rick Rolled by a captcha.


  • Met A Day To Remember. ADTR
  • Went camping [real camping, like ‘hiking a few miles into the woods with tents, gathering wood for fire, sleeping on the ground, and peeing in the forest’ camping] for the first time. Had fun, did not freak out in any way.
  • Rode the SlingshotSlingshot
  • Actually did things for Halloween. Included getting to hold an Albino Ball Python and getting moderately trashed. Fitting as I was the Mad Hatter. Halloween
  • Turned 20. So that’s weird.
  • Dyed my hair orangey-red [and no, it was not my real hair under that Mad Hatter hat; definitely a wig, I promise.]


  • Got forced into going to Halloween Horror Nights. Fucking zombies, man. The flashbacks. They’ll probably make me go again next year. I will not whine about it any less.
  • Dressed up all clubby-like and walked around a shop/club/restaurant area with friends a few months back and got called everything under the sun. Ironic thing is this was during Rock The Universe, in the area that was going on. Three cheers for religion and sarcasm.
  • Stuffed our faces with Cold Stone concoctions afterwards, and Cinnabon the morning after. Because we’re not sexy club-goers; we’re just awkward like that.
  • Morning-babysitting ended. Fuck yeah sleep.
  • Found out I’m part Irish – something that was not a mystery to anyone else in my family, and I somehow just missed out on that knowledge all my life, despite always wanting to be, just a little. So that was weird.
  • Wound up tipsy singing Wrecking Ball and a good number of other obscure pop songs with one of those new friends on the balcony of some other new friends’ apartment during a gathering dubbed Tuesday Boozeday. Life has gotten kind of interesting the last few months.
  • Got Cards Against Humanity. Oh, the hilarity.
  • Managed to get Christmas done completely in time for once. Also for once, I didn’t totally suck at presents. [For most people, anyway. Some of you just can’t be helped.]
  • I have not caved, and I still do not have an Instagram or SnapChat account. Very proud.

And then, on the flipside, ‘Not So Great Stuff That Happened in 2013’:

  • Managed to somehow hit a parked car a few weeks ago. So that was fairly retarded and stressful and pointlessly irritating. But it turned out a lot better than it could have, all things considered, so I can’t complain too much.
  • Dramatic family shenanigans, but that can’t be helped and is nothing new, so again, I can’t really complain.
  • Acquired absolutely preposterous tan lines thanks to the fact my job is outside.
  • Tried to have cereal last night and the milk was randomly sour as all hell.

Yeah, tan lines and sour milk are on the list of ‘bad’ things for the year. That should show fairly well that 2013 was, as hoped for, at least as good as 2012. I would vote better. Still haven’t managed a car or getting out of this house, but those weren’t really expected for the year, so I’m not disappointed. Maybe soon. Ish. Shall see.

Speaking of maybe soon, I suppose we should go with resolutions and stuff for next this year. But first, a list of ‘Things That Are Planned or Hoped For but Not Necessarily Set in Stone’ for 2014.

  • Get a tattoo
  • See Flogging Molly, and hopefully Dropkick Murphys
  • Best friends and I decided a few weeks ago that it was imperative we have birthday parties based on the decades we should have been the age we are now in. For instance, Abbey, the youngest, the Beatles-happy, the hippie, would have a peace-and-love, 60’s theme. Jordan, the oldest, the blonde, and the 80’s-movie-obsessed, would, of course, have an 80’s theme. Mine would be 70’s, punk and classic rock with ska leanings. And it’ll be great. Especially since our birthdays fall so close to each other. [September/October/November] So hopefully we can work that out somehow or another.
  • Mother. Fucking. Waterpark. Despite all my pestering and constant babbling about it earlier this year, never worked out where I could go. So here’s hoping for the summer.
  • Keep up the artsy stuff. Do better/more than the last year.

So that’s all stuff that I won’t be crushed or terribly, terribly disappointed if they don’t work out. But I will be moderately disappointed. So here’s hoping. And actually, I’m already doing okay on the last one. In last year’s New Years post, I posted a picture of a giant canvas [box that held a desk and was being used as a canvas because canvas is expensive] on which I painted bigass eyes and stuck over my closet. Had been meaning all year to do something with it, and I finally got around to it today. Behold the before and after.New

So there’s that. Kind of like it. Certainly like it better than what it was. Maybe it’ll serve as inspiration for the rest of the year. Yay for melted crayons.

And as usual, my resolutions for this year are acceptable and attainable. I know, I know, ‘shoot for the stars blahblah whinewhine’. Could do, but then next year I have to write the 2015 version of this post and go ‘WELL I WANTED THIS AND THIS AND THIS BUT THAT WAS ALL BULLSHIT TO EVEN CONSIDER POSSIBLE AND I ACTUALLY ONLY DID THIS SO FUCK ME RIGHT’. Really, it’s less because bigger things are impossible, and more because I’d rather focus on important, smaller things, hope for the best, and see how it goes, rather than crowding myself. Stress is not your friend. So instead of ‘work out more, eat better, move out, become rich, magically do everything you want in life, don’t die’ [and I did actually get a gym membership this year, so go me], I’ll stick to simple but useful. So, I give you Resolutions for 2014.

  • Get a car. Wasn’t on the list last year because it wasn’t fully attainable or seriously necessary, but it is now, so full speed ahead.
  • Be better with money. Not saying be stingy and cheap – still have fun and all – but don’t blow everything on pointless shit. Be a little more selective.

So that’s a fairly small, somewhat-easy list. When going back over this next year, I’ll gather this one and the ‘less important hopefully-will-happens’ together, but these are the important ones. I’d stick ‘move the fuck out’ on there, but that might be another year or two. Could go either way, but I’m not counting on or expecting anything, so it’s not going on the list.

Now, considering I’ve been here over an hour, I have other shit to do and it’s time to go. Can’t spend the whole year on the computer, after all. [I’ve apparently acquired one of those things people call ‘lives’ recently. Weird.]


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I'm pretty much your average 19 year old girl. I'm kind of rabidly into anything artsy [well. I adore most anything in the realm of 'art'. Doesn't mean I'm good at it all.] including fashion. After becoming sort of obsessed with, I decided to create this. It'll probably mostly just be a giant, chaotic mess of all my little projects, loves, wants, obsessions and some random things I find along the way. Enjoy - or don't; Really, it's up to you.
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