About the Blog

I’ve had blogs in the past.

I’m a terrible blogger.
I chalk this up to the fact I get bored easily. That, along with the fact I’m always trying to do a specific ‘thing’ with said blog – and kind of piggybacked on to that ‘getting bored’ thing is a thing called “I can never stick to one thing at a time so I wind up doing about 3 million and going back and forth between them.”

You see my dilemma.

I think I’ve found a way to fix this problem, though; Create a blog about everything I adore. In short, a blog that’s pretty much centered around art and all that fancy creative nonsense. More specifically, it’s things like photography, doodles, painting, cooking/baking, fashion and whatever else I can think of.

And that’s what this is. Set to be full of random artsy stuff, undoubtedly too many fashion sets from Polyvore, sites and videos I’m in love with, little bits of my life, and probably some rainbows and velociraptors.



Questions? Comments?

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