Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice

Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice

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Mad Hatter

Mad Hatter

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Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice

Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice

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I’m on a Boat

I'm on a Boat

Octopus jewelry
$110 –

Sole Society straw hat

Topshop makeup

Essie nail polish
$13 –

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Polka Dots and Roses

Polka Dots and Roses

Black party dress

BB Dakota intimate

Nine west sandals
$160 –

Pinup jewelry

Elastic belt

Cat eye sunglasses

Lips makeup

Vintage French Text

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March, MegaCon, Uncle T [Our Real Uncle], Weekend Struggles, and Etsy Magic

You know how normally I got a few months without posting anything, and when I finally do update, there isn’t really that much to note?

I was going to say ‘hah, not this time’, but then I figured most of this month hasn’t been all too eventful either. Still, its felt like it has been. So in no particular order….March in a nutshell.

MegaCon –

  • Awesome, mostly
  • This happened. Three cheers for recycling Halloween costumes. Also my friend made her apron out of drapes, so gold star for that.
  • Need to work on next year, though. Convention center was an absolute mad house, and if there had been any sort of emergency….well. Rescue workers would have had a hell of a time getting through the maze of costumes and random weapons and people, as nobody was getting out of there in any sort of orderly fashion. Disastrous planning. Otherwise cool.
  • Missed Stan Lee’s Q&A because we had to stay at the hotel too long to talk to managers because they fucked up my friend’s reservation. Alas.
  • Mostly just dicked around and had our picture taken a bunch. Because why not.
  • Dippin’ Dots

Lydia –

  • Have seen them before, still have not seriously listened to them. Went because it was inexpensive and everyone else was going.
  • They were cool. HRVRD was cool. Golden Sun was meh.
  • Had fun anyway
  • Our group made friends with the couple behind us in line and met them again inside. Easily best part of the show. Mr Sir was very fond of HRVRD. Utterly no words for the amusement over his obsessed fangirling.
  • Left after show to find food, walked too far in one direction, met an interesting dude called Uncle T. He loved us – not in a creepy way, in a nieces-and-nephews kinda way. Made us all say nigga. Got welcomed to the hood. Orlando.
  • Jimmy John’s for first time. Sister and I split a sub, she paid the $9-something bill with a $10. They put it in as a $20 and gave us $10-something change. We’ve spent the week trying to figure out if we actually gave them a 20, and have decided they indeed paid us to eat there. Will be going back.

This past weekend –

  • Gnarly bladder infection with slight traveling into left kidney. Holy miserable batman. Yay antibiotics.
  • Got rained on at work
  • Lost a $20 tip
  • Stupid dog big my nose while babysitting
  • Allergies from hell – hate spring
  • Had to take dad’s truck the day it rained. Doesn’t like to start after rain. Got out of work an hour early – yay. Truck doesn’t start – not yay. Had to wait for parents to come save me. Not an hour early at all.
  • Weekends are not special

On the bright side, I don’t work again till Easter weekend, since we’re off to KY on Saturday.

In other cool news, my laptop has been at the boyfriend’s house for months, as it’s been acting up/not working for ages. Didn’t care much if it got fixed, since I have my desktop at home, so we didn’t make it a priority. Mentioned something about it last week, he said he’d look at it. Texts the other day that it’s good to go. Get here last night. New laptop. Whut. All the gold stars.

In also cool news, I finally caved and started up my Etsy shop for no particular reason. Just a few things up, but by some miracle I managed two sales in a week and I can’t fathom how or why but I’m just going with it. Thank you, Internet.
On the off-chance anyone feels like giving it a look-see, have at it and clicky the banner. Or that square hanging out on the right side of this site.

Anyhow, that’s been my life.

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